Catlin Arctic Survey 2010

Catlin Arctic Survey 2010 - an international collaboration between polar explorers, marine biologists and oceanographers to investigate increased carbon dioxide absorption in the Arctic Ocean.

Martin and the other two members of the explorer team, Ann Daniels and Charlie Paton, were dropped onto the Arctic Ocean sea ice at 85°32'00"N, 77°45'00"W on 14 March.  They collected ice and water samples along their route to the North Geographic Pole, covering a distance of 777km.  The team were picked up at 90°N on 13 May.

Route map

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  • Photographer Captures Arctic

  • Photographer Captures Arctic


    Photographer Captures Arctic

    CNN put together this photo essay of the Catlin Arctic Survey 2010 expedition...though strangely missed the fact that whilst Martin did indeed 'document the work of 2 polar explorers' as expedition photographer/videographer, Martin was also a key member of the ice team himself.

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